5 tools for staying on track when life happens

So much of being a #powergirl is having big ideas and seeing them to fruition, which requires focus, determination, and courage. But, even powergirls have days when shit life happens, like a swift punch to the gut, threatening to derail said focus, determination, and courage. So, how can one deal with shit life while staying on track… Continue reading 5 tools for staying on track when life happens

the forgotten stepchild of your gym routine: back & chest

In any given week, my exercise routine will consist of a combination of the following: days at the gym (doing weights and cardio), hot power yoga, tennis, modern dance and ballet classes, golf, sexy dancing to Drake for Drake* while cooking, or trying whichever new class a friend has invited me to. However, I recently found myself mostly relying on gym days for exercise and realized, unfortunately, that I had become a two-trick gym pony: leg day and arms + abs day. Yikes!…