asian mushroom soup!

Every weekend, I visit a local organic farm and stock up on fabulous! gorgeous! delicious! produce for the week. There is usually a wonderful supply of various mushrooms at the farm and I always get some, as mushrooms are a fantastic healthy-comfort food, so I was already focused on bringing a good amount home. It… Continue reading asian mushroom soup!

sweet potato tostadas!

I must preface this *very special* first post by saying I am not a fan of Blue Apron. However, the first and ONLY Blue Apron meal I have ever liked (and several have been prepared for me, and once prepared by myself) was Sweet Potato Tostadas. My dear friend, Katy, invited me over for dins one night and whipped these up from a Blue Apron meal and we both swooned hard. We are both very obsessed with health and fitness and this dish has become a beloved staple in our repertoires. It is easy to make, healthy, and a delicious alternative to meat. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as we do…