I’m Emily Harris, a single, thirtysomething, nonprofit powergirl, domestic goddess, health fanatic who needs more Glamour (yes, capital “G”) in her life – and don’t we all?! Being the ambitious overachiever with perfectionist tendencies that I am, pretty much everything stresses me out, so I try really hard to practice embracing imperfection aka reality. While I love the content of certain lifestyle blogs, I find the contrived perfection of said blogs to be overwhelmingly stressful. Because it’s not realistic, at least for me. So, I started this blog for people like me.  perfect! (almost) is a lifestyle blog that won’t stress you out. Whew! Think of it as the anti-GOOP (no offense to Gwyneth, whom I actually adore!). PS I’m big on exclamation points and parentheses (if you couldn’t tell)! Hopefully, you will find the recipes, fitness tips, and beauty info on perfect! (almost) to be approachable, affordable, informative, and fun! Happy reading!