5 perfect polishes

Frankly, I’m a DIY beauty squirrel. I do not like spending money to have someone do for me what I can do for myself. This includes manicures and pedicures. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I went to a salon or spa for either nail treatment. Also, I have a pretty serious nail polish addiction. Throughout the years of searching for the perfect shade of fill-in-the-blank-color, I have discovered these 5 nail polish shades.

1. The Perfect Neutral


A good slightly-sheer neutral polish is an essential color that literally goes with anything you could ever wear, and Sally Hansen Color Therapy polish in Rosy Quartz is the most perfect neutral I have ever found. I will preface this with saying, I have never purchased a Sally Hansen nail polish in my life, yet while sitting across my mother while out to lunch, I noticed her fabulously chic neutral nails and immediately asked, “What nail polish are you wearing???” That weekend, my mother gave me the bottle of nail polish. She is as good and selfless as Jewish mothers come. Thanks Mom!

There are several things to love about this polish. First and foremost, the formula is smooth and even, with a fabulous glossy finish, and it contains argan oil, which is ultra moisturizing. Secondly, the color! The Rosy Quartz neutral is not too pink, not too beige, not too sheer – it’s simply perfect! You can find Sally Hansen Color Therapy Rosy Quartz here.

2. The Perfect Red

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Every girl needs a fabulous, fun red polish and Flashed from Essie’s new Gel Couture line is fantastic. Not a straight red, Flashed has the perfect paucity of pink and orange undertones to make it slightly coral-y without even a hint of Lily Pulitzer. *Non-wasp exhale* It’s a young, powergirl, sexy red and I love it! Here’s where you can find Essie Gel Couture in Flashed.

3. The Perfect Gray

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Gray is my favorite color, and that’s not just a Counting Crows lyric. Lol. 90s. Nostalgia. Aw. Ok, moving on. As the owner of countless gray nail polishes, this Smith & Cult shade is the best. And speaking of the 90s, the founder of Smith & Cult is none other than Dineh Mohajer of Hard Candy fame. What would you give for one of those matching-your-nail-polish plastic heart/star/diamond rings now?! Anyhow, along with Smith & Cult being terribly cool from a branding perspective, it is also healthy! This line is 8-free, meaning it’s devoid of all the bad stuff in regular nail polish that gives you cancer, so it’s worth the extra few bucks. And the color, Stockholm Syndrome,  is the perfect shade of elephant skin. Not too cool, not too warm. Just right. Here’s where you can snag a bottle of Smith & Cult Stockholm Syndrome.

4. The Perfect Periwinkle


For years, I searched for a periwinkle nail polish. The periwinkle nail polish. Inspired by none other than Blair Waldorf’s bedroom, I was obsessed with discovering the exact elegant, chic, powerful (sans the bullying) shade of periwinkle. Revlon’s Irresistible is just that. I wear this polish color more than any other. And EVERY TIME I wear it someone compliments me or asks me what polish it is. In fact, last week my dear friend inquired about good ol’ Irresistible and when we met for lunch yesterday, she was wearing it. It’s just that perfect. So, embrace your inner Blair and grab a bottle of Revlon’s Irresistible here. 

5. The Perfect Not Black

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I own exactly one bottle of O.P.I. black nail polish and at least a dozen bottles of “not black” polishes from varying brands, each appearing black to the distracted eye, yet with close inspection are their own special color. This Essie Gel Couture color, Hang up the Heels, can only be described as a goth mermaid’s tail. It’s black, but blue-ish emerald green and shimmery. I would have named this shade Zerlina, which I could have sworn was one of Ariel’s sister’s names in ‘The Little Mermaid,” but it’s just the name of a feminist journalist I love (Zerlina Maxwell). Alas, this polish is punk rock chic at its finest, so if you want to be a cool bad girl, get your Essie Gel Couture Hang up the Heels here.

Let us know your fave perfect polishes in the comments below!

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