winter skin diy moisture boost

The dryness of winter can wreak havoc on even the most supple skin, so what’s a girl/boy to do mid-season when your regular skincare routine just won’t suffice? Make your own moisturizing facial spray, that’s what!

Granted, I live in Florida, but the past several days have been #cold (lows in the 50’s!!!) and my skin has been super dry and a lil flaky *insert grimace emoji* which at first I thought was due to the glycolic acid peel I did over the weekend, alas, it is just the weather. Along with drinking more water than the usual gallon per day I gulp down, I was slathering on double the amount of moisturizer I typically use, but it still wasn’t enough, so I reached into the cupboard for a cure.

Luckily, mostly because I’m a crazy baker, I already had rose water and liquid Vitamin E in my pantry, both of which have great skin care benefits! Vitamin E is a nutrient and antioxidant  which moisturizes skin, as well as repairs scars, plus it has anti-aging qualities. Like, is that the best trio ever?! Meanwhile, rose water A) smells delish B) is the base of most of Chantecaille’s skincare line (which is an aspirational brand – and I’ve been lucky enough to try a few of their products because my dear friend works for their marketing department: thanks Sam!) and C) has antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which help regenerate cells, heal scars, and reduce redness, respectively.


After a midnight run to CVS in my pajamas, I returned home with travel toiletry spray bottles and was ready to go. I poured 2 ounces of rose water into a bowl, added 1.5 milliliters of Vitamin E, and whisked them together for about 30 seconds then poured the mixture into a measuring cup then into a spray bottle. Et voila! PS I don’t know how to make ding dang accents on my laptop keyboard (does this mean I’m not really a millenial?!?), much to the chagrin of my inner francophile 😦


Moving on, this moisturizing facial spray can be used just after cleansing, while skin is still damp, before applying moisturizer (which you should double up on until spring time), as well as throughout the day when your skin needs a pick-me-up. No need to worry that it will ruin your makeup. The mist is so fine that your skin will become hydrated yet your winged liner can remain intact.

Rose water can be purchased in the ethnic food section of most grocery stores, or in a specialty market. Liquid Vitamin E can be purchased at Whole Foods or similar health food store.

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